Refund policy - Philippine Barcodes

Refund policy

We supply authentic barcodes for a one-off price, and which can be used in most retail shops both nationally and internationally. Once we have assigned a barcode, we cannot re-enter it into our database for resale to other customers. When do we consider refunds?

1/ If the shop you are working with requires that your barcodes are acquired exclusively from GS1 Philippines. You will have 2 months to prove the requirement by email received from the requesting shop. Without proof of requirement the refund will not be made.

2/ When you purchase your barcodes, we assume that you have read our home page and understand that they are prefixed with 06 or 07. If you change your mind, have not read it correctly, have not communicated correctly with your employer or contractor (in the case of printers who buy for the customer), have realised that you no longer need the barcodes or have regretted your purchase for some unjustifiable reason, your payment will not be refunded as we cannot reissue the barcodes once they have been assigned.

Note – All barcodes relating to any refund will be voided from our databases and will therefore be illegal to use on products.